D&D 4e: Barons of the Wild – Session 1

Wilderness Awaits

Thunderspire Valley and the surrounding area has been recently shook by earthquake.  The worst of it seems to have hit the Valley itself, although even Lord Padraig in Winterhaven, more than 100 miles away has been struck by the shaking.  The vale is in dire straits, and Stonewall, the village near the Valley’s entrance has asked for help.

Lord Padraig has commissioned you to bring Thunderspire Valley under the crown’s control, and when there has been a stronghold established, and the area stabilized you will be given titles and control over the valley as Barons.

The group consists of: Pujols, a mercenary adventurer,  Cobweb, a pixie poisoner, Lia an Elven wizard, and good ole Llamers the skinchanging rogue we all know.

The crown also sent a scout troup, “The Brown Socks” to accompany them; three battlehardened veterans.  Padraig himself sent Willa Bartleby a fledgling architect, and Treyvon the Black, his personal apothecary to help them in their rebuilding efforts.

Padraig also gave them a decree from the crown declaring the holder of the decree the agent of the kingdom, and by law allowed to act with deadly force on anyone else at any time for any reason deemed necessary to fulfill the commission to establish order in the valley.  He gave this to Llamers, as she is one of the Heroes of Winterhaven that saved the town from being swallowed by darkness a few years before.

When traveling to the valley, all four squabbled amongst each other.  Lia the elf and Cobweb doing most of the backbiting.  When patrolling the camp, Llamers overheard the Brown Socks voicing their concerns over losing faith in the leadership abilities of the four adventurers, and that they didn’t plan on sticking around to see them fail.

One poisoned Fox, a stolen decree, a few aftershock tremors, and three days later, the four entered the valley, and the Brown Socks took off at full speed down the road leading into the vale.

The four found the village Stonewall in a riotous panic.  Cobweb made Llamers fly magically to the center of the crowd, which shocked and amazed them all.  Llamers got the crowd to disperse with words of wisdom, but a few were still attacked by shambling rotten frogmen.  The heroes dispatched them with some difficulty, but not after a few of the townsfolk were gravely wounded.

The townsfolk were incredibly thankful, and gave them some of their family heirloom gemstones mined from the quarries.  Lia refused the money, and then stood before them and gave a rousing speech declaring the area under their protection, and asking them to help rebuild.  The crowed was in awe of her amazing oratory skills, and a few even whispered that they thought that she was the Queen herself.

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