D&D 4e: Barons of the Wild – Session 11

Pixies are Sickies

After Vlad left, and Lickspittle turned to ash and dust, the heroes ventured north to find the source of the bracelet-based cure for the Greyrot.

After not very far, the Munch Bunch came to a thick hedge.  Hearing tinkling songlike voices on the other side, Keelix barreled into the hedge limbs akimbo, swords swinging with reckless abandon.  Although her impulsive attack seemed odd at the time, tiny pixies with angry long fingers came pouring out of the bush.

Llamers, Pujols, and Keelix beat the pixies back into and through the hedge, while Chuggs used his paddle to birthday spank them into submission.  As they did so, Ansis set fire to the hedge, and the hedge began grabbing and tearing at them in response.  Unseen numbers of pixies burst into flame screeching, “Chiiiibbs!” in anguish, as the fire spread through the brush.  A song began from the other side of the hedge, and an enormously fat pixie, who had no use of his wings due to his grossly swollen stomach, began singing.

Ansis really hates trees

The flames spread quickly, which flushed out more pixies whose heads the heros bashed in immediately.  The fat pixie became agitated when he realized he was alone, and he called high and long.  Two less obese faeries then came and picked up the fat one, and began to beat their wings in a hasty retreat.

Pujols, Keelix and Llamers all descended on him, and as he attempted to jump into a hole in a tree, his blubber stopped him.  Pujols transformed into his monkey form, climbed the tree he was in, and spit the fat little pixie on the edge of his sword.  Like a skewer for roasting.

Sleeping deeply that night, Keelix was unattentive during her night’s watch, and the faeries struck back.  In horded numbers that were almost uncountable.  The pixies darted in and out of the tents and blankets, being struck from the air with almost every stroke the adventurers threw, and yet there always seemed more.  As the situation became increasingly dire and the heroes were driven to their knees, Chuggs heard a lumbering presence in the woods.  Loping into the campsite was a strange tree giant.  Humming as he went, and ponderously muttering, “For the Bramble King” he collected the fallen heroes, and lashed them to his body with vines.  Keelix and Ansis called to one another and decided to pretend to fall unconscious.  Upon doing so, the wooden giant, thinking them defeated, lifted them to his back and wrapped them in his foliage as well.

As the wooden giant turned north and pushed his way into the heavy woods, the heroes felt a warmth spread through the vines and into their bodies, and their wounds close up.  Darkness closed in on them and their lumbered beast of burden, and sleep crept over them.


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