D&D 4e: Barons of the Wild – Session 6 (Part 2)

What a waste!
Boccob’s Waste

Alisahn, the Priestess of Celestian, inspected the amulet found in the Tower of Boccob and a smile broke out across her face.   She explained to the adventurers that this was what she was hoping for.  Reaching for the book that Pujols brought from the Tower, the book opened to the last page and the book created a new page to mark her own access to it.  It sketched a woman with arms outreached, with a mountain exploding behind her, and starlight streaming down.  This seemed to please her, and she then looked over the entry for the adventurers.  That page also seemed to please her, perhaps even more so than her own.  Quickly turning hundreds of pages back, she found the first entry and showed it to the adventurers.  The image was of four men in robes and a stoneman, with a mountain exploding behind them, with tiny creatures pouring out, and ghostly figures lurking.   In the stoneman’s hand was the amulet that Ansis now held.

Alisahn went on to describe how since the disappearance of the adventurers her studies had taught her that this Valley was the origin of all magic in the world, and that at the dawn of time there was a crossing of three different Planes that converged near Thunderspire.  The Three Planes were the Elemental Plane, the Faewild and the Shadowfell.  The three converged at one spot initially, which caused an eruption of magic and power.  This eruption created the Thunderspire.  The world was being overrun by creatures and powers of these planes, and were destroying the world.  So, with the help of elemental creatures that are generally called Stonemen, Boccob and his companions created an amulet of power to control the gates to those planes.  The method to control the gates was unknown to her until now.  Her suspicions were confirmed while looking at the book that the adventurers had recovered from the tower.

Several pages deeper into the book, there was an illustration of a stoneman and men in robes using the amulet to command statues to close the gates.

Turning many pages forward she then showed the friends an entry of a minotaur marching from the Tower of Boccob with an army of Bronze Warders.  She explained that this amulet was the same amulet worn by the Ordinator Arcanis of the Mages of Saruun that they had ran into during their adventures into Thunderspire, and explained that the amulet has the power to command the Bronze Warders.

Alisahn informed the party that all the problems that have swamped the valley are likely due to gates to those planes opening again.  She begs the heroes, as the last hope for the valley, and the wider world, to take the amulet, find the Bronze Warders, and to close the gates that are ravaging the lands.  All she asks is that she is allowed to be present when they enter the Thundergash to close the Elemental plane, as she wants to see it with her own eyes.

The heroes thought on all the things learned, and lay down to rest before embarking on their quest.

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