D&D 4e: Barons of the Wild – Session 7

The Royal Munch Bunch Punches Crunch on a Hunch

The heroes, after having rested from their battle with the Brownsocks, bid farewell to the Cult of Lia, and Allisahn.

Allisahn gave a stone to Ansis and informed them that it will help her find them again when needed, and that her research into the situation in the valley would call her away from helping them directly in their journey.  The adventurers confirmed their promise to Allisahn, and told her that they would make sure she would be a witness to the destruction of the Lightning King.

The adventurers charted their course for the Copper Holes, an ancient copper mine that was supposedly used to provide the minerals needed to forge the Bronze Warders.  Allisahn had informed them that the Bronze Warders had been instrumental in the past for closing gates to other planes, the heroes felt it was sensible to seek for them where they had been originally made.

After travelling uneventfully for three days, the Royal Munch Bunch, as the cultists had informed them that they were now being called throughout the vale, arrived at the mines.  When attempting to enter through a heavily wooded mining path, the heroes ran up against a series of strangely unpredictable traps and snares set by the Sons of Thunder, but convinced a wild eyed halfling named Doni that they were sent by Gaebriel Greis.  When brought before Harrold and Gerrold, twin crossbowmen, the heroes ask to enter the mines to meet with Thunderfists.  The crossbowmen considered it, but become suspicious when Ansis said that Thunderfists was supposed to receive an amulet of power.  They said that Gaebriel wouldn’t trust that sort of thing to Thunderfists in his current condition.  The twins opened fire, while Doni made a break for it.  Harrold and Gerrold were immediately disemboweled and burned to ash respectively by Llamers and Ansis, while Pujols, in monkey form, persued Doni through the trees.  The halfling was a blur of speed, but Pujols in a burst of energy tore through the trees and pinned him down.

Ansis and Keelix kept guard over the mouth of the mine while Llamers and Pujols interrogated the halfling.  Doni became easily convinced of the friendship of the heroes, despite the evidence to the contrary, because of Llamers’s uncanny ability to be diplomatic when the need arose.  Plus, upon closer inspection, Doni appeared to be somewhat slow of mind.  Doni explains to his interrogators/friends that Thunderfists has gone strange in the head since the earthquake, and is now holed up with his “giant statues.”  And that the Lightning King sees no one but his lieutenants down in the Thundergash.  The group then asks Doni if he can do tattoos like the ones they see on the Sons of Thunder.  He says he can definitely do tattoos, and would be proud to do some for the Royal Munch Bunch.  He then commenced to practice on a passed out Chuggs Wandershanks, the adventurers packman.

The adventurers then made camp to rest before entering the mines.

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