Call of Cthulhu: The Haunting – Session One (Pt. 3)

Wherein the investigators encounter the inexplicable, and meet their fate in the dark…

The Bedroom

Perilous Windows need a good washing

Upon reaching the top floor, the thumping became banging.  Listening to each door down the hall, they determined it was coming from the last room on the left, at the end of the hall, and St. John smashed the door down with his foot.  However, the room appeared empty aside from some furniture.  Adams, being impulsive and irritable, stormed into the room determined it was someone hiding.  Losing his temper he stomped on the floor boards in the center of the room, demanding that the lurker come out.  The thumping stopped, and from where his foot had crashed into the floor, a slow wet circle began to expand.  Looking closer, Rachel saw that it was blood, and Adams quickly backed out of the room.  The wet spot slowly receded as he left.

Although the thumping had stopped, a scratching began at the window.  St. John, inquisitive, moved to the window, but the scratching sound moved to the side of the house, just outside of view.  Unable to open on his own, as the window had been painted closed, St. John’s friends moved into the room to help him.  First Jane attempted to help, but still not strong enough, Rachel joined them in, and with a final shove all three finally were able to push the window open.  Adams stayed in the hallways, loath to return to the bloodied room.

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Call of Cthulhu: The Haunting – Session One (Pt. 2)

Wherein the investigators continue their interviews, and visit the house.

Day 2

While driving to Baltimore to visit the Macario children, Rachel dozed off at the wheel, and crashed through a farmland fence.  She was roughed up the most, but nobody else seemed to even notice the damage.

All four of the investigators showed up in the morning on the doorstep of the Macario children’s guardians.  When the caretaker came to the door, she immediately was suspicious of Adams and St. John, and refused to speak any further.  When Rachel returned alone she was able to win over the woman, and she was able to speak with the kids.

The kids explained how when their dad got hurt falling down the stairs, he was alone in the house a lot.  After a few months without leaving the house, he became  deliriously ill.  They said that they had often heard him speaking to someone in the basement, and would spend a lot of time down there, but their mother wouldn’t allow them to go down there to see him.  They think they know who he was talking to, as a man with “bright eyes” would often look at them in their beds at night.  The children became quite fond of Rachel in their short interview, and the children’s caretaker, their father’s cousin, invites Rachel to come back any time, as she seems to have cheered the kids up.

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