Call of Cthulhu: The Haunting – Session Two (The Finale)

This is where he lives.  He tries to keep in shape.

The Basement

Jane called down after Vincent, but there was no response.  The fall obviously had taken its toll on him, but Jane couldn’t only barely make out his figure in the inky black of the windowless basement.  Slipping back along the wall, she heard Rachel and St. John hammering and blasting their way into the house through the front door, and through the mud room.

Still calling out to Vincent and getting no answer, the group decided that Rachel would run for help while St. John and Jane attempted to recover Vincent from the basement.  The lawyer and the dilettante, remembering that Vittario had suffered his first of a long series of injuries on the staircase to the basement, attempted to pick their way down the stairs, but both fell, with Jane suffering the worst of the injuries from the tumble.  Dusting themselves off, and opening up the door at the landing at the bottom of the stairs, they found a workshop, filled with an assortment of broken tools and cast off projects.  Still listening for Vincent, yet hearing nothing, they realize that the boards on the opposite wall are hiding a much larger room behind it, and they begin frantically tearing at them to get to their friend.

Meanwhile, Rachel, while attempting to find help runs across Dr. Ostergaard, who had patched her up a few days prior, running toward the house.  He explained that he heard shots, and was hoping to be of some assistance.  Rachel, relieved to find someone so quickly, led him back to the house and into the front door.  But as soon as they stepped onto the premise, the doctor grabbed her from behind in a crushing bear hug.  Rachel screamed, hoping her friends could hear her, but as intent as they were on reaching Vincent, they couldn’t hear her.  Dr. Ostergaard, irritated by the resistance, brought a long serpentine dagger to her throat, growling, “Do that again, and I will kill you.”

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