D&D 4e: Barons of the Wild – Session 9 & 10

Bogtown is dead

The Munch Bunch set about exploring the mad labyrinth of the Copper Holes, and came across a gelatinous cube that was congealing in the way of some contraption attached the labyrinth wall.  After a spirited battle in which both Pujols and Keelix were almost digested to death, they stomped the jelly flat and fiddled with the knobs and levers on the wall.  Llamers was able to determine that it controlled the movement of the labyrinth, and deduced that they could use this knowledge to hide the hoards of wealth they had found. “Until we can return it to its owners.”

The group exited the Copper Holes, gathered up Dawny the Halfwit Halfling, who had been practicing his art of tattoo on Chuggs, and with their newfound Bronze Warder headed west to the bog.

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D&D 4e: Barons of the Wild – Session 8

Mannish gone Mad

The Royal Munch Bunch dove into the depths of the Copper Holes, leaving Doni the Halfwit Halfling to practice the art of obscene tattoos on Chuggs outside.

The dreams that had haunted Ansis came to life in the darkened pits of the mine, as a cat faced snake chased them through a labyrinth, crashing into them and crushing them time and time again.  While attempting to hunt it down and kill it, the fellowship blundered through the maze and into a giant hoard of treasure.  Amongst the treasure was a giant bronze statue of a minotaur that Llamers and Keelix recognized as a Bronze Warder from the Mages of Saruun.   Draped in the arms of the bronze minotaur was a real minotaur.

Breathing heavily, oozing from sores and snorting foamy bits of blood from his snout, the minotaur rose from his repose and spoke to the heroes.  Hearing his voice, the Munch Bunch recognized the beast as Mannish, the bloodcrazed minotaur from their time in Thunderspire.   Through a collapsing frame of disease and madness Mannish’s mind would return at myriad moments and he told them that Meshach and the remains of the Tattered Band released the pixies and faeries by murdering the Mages of Saruun that had held them bound, the pixies went wild, and the things that have resulted since were due to that mistake.  Meshach has declared himself King and now sits arrogantly in the Gash thinking himself above humanity.  Apart and above.

Mannish’s mind was as decrepit as his body, and he lashed out violently intent on killing the heroes.  Through bouts of wild insanity Mannish begged for death, and the heroes granted it.  Ansis was able to command the Bronze Warder to come crashing down on Mannish with the mammothing bronze axe it held, breaking off horns and cracking Mannish’s skull.  Cat the Maze Snake returned and fought alongside Mannish but it was too late, and the heroes were able to finish them both off.

The hoard of the copper maze was enormous, and the heroes quickly determined that it was basically the entire wealth of the valley that had been robbed by Mannish and his roving bands.  Searching the hoard they found many items of power, and quickly girded themselves up to close the Shadowfell Crossing, which they believed to be at Bog Village of the Frogmen to the west.